Monday, September 27, 2010

Kisses to the Kat - My Last Day at the Co-op!

Today is my last day as the Marketing Director of Our Health Co-op.

It's been bitter-sweet day. I'm excited for my new adventure, but already miss my Co-op family. Thankfully I'm not going far (virtually speaking, anyhow); I'll continue blogging and reading from the kat, I just won't be leading the charge.

As I reflect on the nearly 6 years total that I've worked for the Co-op, I feel both gratitude and sadness in leaving. Immense gratitude for all that I've learned about health and aging; the extended look into all the things people wish they knew in their 20s.

Sadness because the Co-op is something special -- it represents a world where eating healthily is "cool," silly pet humor matters, and values like honesty and sincerity are honored without a second thought. Such a rarity, and I feel fortunate to have been part of it in such an intimate way during such formative years. This community has shaped me.

As for what's next for me, tomorrow I start in the Human Resources department of small startup technology company here in Seattle. It will be a stark contrast to join a bunch of techy guys who live off pizza and beer and avoid vegetables like the plague, but I'm confident I'll have them eating vitamin C out of my hand in no time (especially once cold season hits). They're a very friendly and funny bunch, and it's been made explicit that part of my job will be to "mother" them a bit. :-)

As for what's next for you, you're in good hands. Our new Chief Community Officer, Chris Harding, is a gem and members will be lucky to have him. Chris's dad used to boil fresh slippery elm when he had a sore throat and his family grew most of their own food during his childhood. He learned the lessons of good nutrition early, and has been an avid Constant Health fan for years.

Chris also offers years of experience in the entertainment business and leading organizations through culture change initiatives. Among his big dreams for the Co-op are finding more ways for the team and experts to communicate better with ya'll through videos, teleseminars, webinars, and community boards. Chris is committed to seeing the Co-op become a community resource in addition to a provider of great supplements and service.

Personally, I can't wait to see what happens. I care deeply for the Co-op and all our members I've gotten the chance to speak and write with over the years. Now it's my turn to be one of the meowy members keeping the team on their toes. I can't wait. ^..^