Friday, February 26, 2010

A Sad Day: Furry Friends in Sickess and Health

Today is supposed to be Happy Friday.

See, several years ago one of the Co-op's manufacturer's had never heard the saying "TGIF." Cindy and I tried to explain to him that we weren't talking about the restaurant, we were simply wishing him a Happy Friday of sorts. The phrase stuck and has since lived on for years now. Sun, rain, travel, days in the office...very few Fridays have passed without one of us wishing the other a Happy Friday.

Today, the sun shines bright in Salt Lake City, but it doesn't feel like a Happy Friday. This morning I took my Siamese cat, Diddy, to the vet with a cough. While we waited for the vet, Diddy took to his usual post on my shoulder and busied himself trying to get his face as close to mine as the laws of physics would permit him. He's such a good baby, even when he's stressed.

My heart sunk when the x-rays revealed an enlarged heart. Diddy is unlike any cat I've had and as is often true with Siamese and their humans, we're tight. I tried to keep myself together as the vet scrawled the name of a specialist down and sent me on my way, x-rays in hand.

The appointment with the specialist is tomorrow, thankfully. As soon as we have a firm diagnosis, I'll get him an appointment with a holistic practitioner to see how to best support him. I've already ordered heart-friendly taurine, l-carnitine, and fish oil to get him started nutritionally.

My hope is that holistic healing is in my blood. I'm pretty sure my grandmother deserves the Guinness World Record for keeping dogs alive the longest after their "death sentences." One dog diagnosed for kidney failure and given "three months, tops," lived another happy, healthy 7 years. Another dog had heart problems for ages, but lived well-past 14. Her current dog, Lilly, has been living with an enlarged heart for most of her, now long, life.

Skeptics may say that because they're Jack Russell Terriers they just stubbornly refuse to pass on, but I know better. I know she's given them all various homeopathic tonics and other supplements. She's never been a big fan of the allopathic system and she likes nothing more than to see the astonishment on their faces when her dogs keep on truckin'. I'll be calling my grandma later today. I'll be sure to pass along whatever she tells me.

In the meantime, I'm just going to keep enjoying my Diddy kitty. No matter how long I have him, he pretty much insists that I enjoy every minute of him I get. Diddy is a retired show kitty, and while he's well-socialized, I don't think he got nearly enough direct adoration in his previous life so he doesn't want to miss a drop. Good thing he picked the right human.

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